"Cooking supposes a light head,
a generous spirit and a large heart."

Paul Gaugain

Christmas Lunch 2018

Food delicacies

Our Cappon Magro

Calamari, artichokes from Albenga
and black Dutch sauce

Small lettuces stuffed with gurnard
with dried mushroom broth and wild thyme

Tortellini with Mauri’s rooster 
Calizzano chestnut cream and Millesimo white truffle    

Lamb cooked under the embers
with scorzonera of Albenga and arbutus mustard


Creation of the pastry chef 

90 euros drinks not included

The starred kitchen of Chef Giuse Riccebuono invites you to spend your Christmas Day in a stylish, warm and cozy atmosphere. For the occasion the menu is a tribute to the best Ligurian tradition, interpreted with elegance, creativity and inspiration.

Giuseppe Ricchebuono Chef

Born in a small town in the hinterland of Savona, not far from the sea, I grew up in my parents’ grocery shop. My mother always said to use only a few ingredients, but make sure they were all top quality, while my father was a simple man with very good taste

The local area

I find everything I need in the area where I live.

Starting with my raw materials, which I either pick myself from the gardens and along the paths where I stroll with my cocker spaniel, Pepita, or purchase from suppliers I have sought out and selected myself according to my own strict criteria, exclusively offering locally-sourced products.


Michelin Star
Dining Gift Experience

Chef Giuseppe Ricchebuono is happy to offer you an experience full of scents and flavors in the elegant atmosphere of Ristorante Vescovado. We give you the opportunity to choose from our tasting menus to amaze your loved ones, your friends or your customers with a special gift and an unforgettable evening.

To receive the gift voucher you can send your request to the email address info@ricchebuonochef.it 
or call +39 019 7499 059
to create your special menu.

Every season offers marvels month after month


Years of hard work and sacrifices have been amply repaid by the presence on my team of my wife Alessia and my daughter Martina.

In charge of reception and service, Alessia welcomes diners warmly and serves them attentively to make sure every single guest enjoys their meal.
Our servers share the same goal, with a smile and all the courtesy that is essential at even the most critical times.

Martina is passionate about the search for wines.

La location

My wife, my daughter and I and the Ravera family have operated Ristorante Vescovado in the fifteenth-century halls of the former Bishop’s Palace in Noli (Savona) since 2009.

In the summer we move out of the palace’s frescoed halls overlooking the bay of Noli and onto the magnificent building’s patios over the sea.

A place where history and nature come together in a timeless work of art.

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+39 019 7499059
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