Natural Kitchen

Giuseppe Ricchebuono Chef

with Mirko Lacota


The imperfection of nature, colors that change, the scent of the undergrowth that blends with saltiness creating a mix of flavors and let yourself be carted away through this atmosphere where, luckily, nothing is taken for granted.

120 euros

In love with Liguria

Food delicacies

Rock octopus
artichokes and candied lemon

Grilled horse mackerel
with chestnuts from Calizzano

Quarantine potato tortelli
black cabbage and anchovies

Our Ligurian rabbit
with sweet and sour pumpkin

The dessert
proposed by the chef

80 euros

The first time we met

The sea and our vegetable garden 
The fish of the day meets the harvest of our gardens

50 euros

To start with…

Lightly smoked horse mackerel 
with chestnuts from Calizzano
25 euros

Rock octopus
artichokes and candied lemon
25 euros

Grilled calamari
with hollandaise black sauce
and borage
25 euro

Red mullet
cabbage and...
25 euros

vegetables, prescinseua and white truffle from Millesimo 
25 euros

Our Pasta

Spaghetti "Benedetto Cavalieri” slightly spicy ...
bottarga and pumpkin
25 euro

Quarantine potatoes tortelli
and black cabbage on anchovy soup
25 euro

Bundle of Conio beans and white prawns
sauce with saffron from Quiliano
25 euro

Acquerello rice
seafood and shrimp tartare
30 euro

Tortellini with Mauri's rooster
and Calizzano chestnut cream
25 euro
with white truffle from Millesimo
38 euro

From the sea to the hills

The Chef's sea casserole
50 euros

Our Cappon Magro
between tradition and innovation
50 euro

Pan fried
crustaceans and molluscs
40 euro

Lamb cooked under the embers
Conio beans and more
35 euro

Our Ligurian rabbit
with sweet & sour pumpkin
30 euro 

Michelin Star
Dining Gift Experience

Chef Giuseppe Ricchebuono is happy to offer you an experience full of scents and flavors in the elegant atmosphere of Ristorante Vescovado. We give you the opportunity to choose from our tasting menus to amaze your loved ones, your friends or your customers with a special gift and an unforgettable evening.

To receive the gift voucher you can send your request to the email address 
or call +39 019 7499 059
to create your special menu.

The four seasons

Every season of the year offers marvels that continue to amaze me, and allow me to amaze others, month after month, year after year.

The colours, scents and flavours of the sea, the land, the woods and the rocky paths around me offer all the inspiration I need to make and put together my dishes. 

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