Here history and nature come together in a timeless work of art


My wife, my daughter and I and the Ravera family have operated Ristorante Vescovado in the fifteenth-century halls of the former Bishop’s Palace in Noli (Savona) since 2009.

In the summer we move out of the palace’s frescoed halls overlooking the bay of Noli and onto the magnificent building’s patios over the sea. 

Ricchebuono location Vescovado sala verde

The fragrance of herbs and the sweeping view up and down the coast make this a truly unique location which diners enjoy from the time they take the panoramic lift to the cable-car providing access to the restaurant directly from the street.

Alternatively, guests can walk a short path from the medieval hamlet of Noli to the palace door.

A place where history and nature come together in a timeless work of art.

Giuseppe Ricchebuono
Ricchebuono location Vescovado


Ricchebuono location Vescovado
Ricchebuono location Vescovado
Ricchebuono location VescovadoRicchebuono location Vescovado
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