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Chef Giuseppe Ricchebuono

Un sentiero nel bosco, circondato da rovi in fiore.
Corbezzoli, lavanda, timo, ginestre e, in lontananza,
l’azzurro del mare.
Questa é la mia terra, questo è quello che sento dentro di me.
E’ il senso dei miei piatti, forti di un’emozione semplice
ma profonda.



Experience the scents and colors of Spring in the magical atmosphere of the Palazzo Vesocavile in Noli!
Treat yourself to a gourmet dinner with the starred menu "Passeggiata al mare", a true tribute to the best Ligurian seafood cuisine signed by chef Giuse Ricchebuono with chef Alberto Moretti, take advantage of the charm of the beautiful suites of our Hotel Vescovado, and wake up with a tasty breakfast overlooking the Gulf of Noli!

The offer is valid in the months of April and May 2023.Info and reservations
Info and reservations
Tel 0197499059


My origins

Born in a small town in the hinterland of Savona, not far from the sea, I grew up in my parents’ grocery shop. My mother always said to use only a few ingredients, but make sure they were all top quality, while my father was a simple man with very good taste.
I played football for many years, learning about team spirit, discipline, order, and what it feels like to want to win and to share the joy of victory with the team.
I started working in the restaurant business when I was just over twenty years old, and I realised right away that the kitchen was the place where I could best combine the discipline I had learned in sports with the pleasures of the imagination, creativity, research and experimentation.
I haven’t stopped since, and the important achievement of earning a Michelin star has confirmed for me that I am on the right path.

Ristorante stellato vescovadoCappon Magro ristorante vescovado
chef giuseppe-ricchebuonoPiatti al ristorante stellato vescovado noli
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My idea of cooking

The story behind every one of my dishes begins with the search for quality ingredients and ends when it is served at the table. Every single dish has something to say about me, my culture and my traditions.
Surprising people with new flavours and unexpected combinations is a part of what my story is all about, but
thrilling diners with the traditions of the past in the dishes I serve is to me a real privilege.
I aim to offer a light cuisine based on a few simple ingredients, each of which represents the best of what the land I live on can provide; simple but intense flavours that make an indelible mark on the memory.

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Piatto di Chef Giuseppe RicchebuonoPiatto di Chef Giuseppe RicchebuonoPiatto di Chef Giuseppe Ricchebuono

Ristorante Vescovado Noli


It's always time for a special gift such as an experience rich in aromas and flavours in the refined atmosphere of the Vescovado Restaurant.
We offer you the opportunity to choose one of our tasting menus to amaze your loved ones, please your friends or thank your customers with a unique and unforgettable gift.
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The Ricchebuono Project

By my side since our first project in 1992 with the "Fornace di Barbablù",  Alessia Vezzolla also played a fundamental role in the conquest of our first Michelin star in 2002, a recognition that has been renewed every year since then.
Since 2009 Alessia has been responsible for the reception and service at our starred Ristorante Vescovado and has also played a fundamental role in the launch of Ristorante BINO in Savona, the new activity belonging to the Ricchebuono Project.
In addition, her passion and innate talent for pastry make her an essential point of reference for the creation of new desserts by the pastry chefs of our two restaurants.

Our daughter Martina joined the Ricchebuono project, playing a fundamental role in the dining room service. Cheerful and sunny, since she was a child, Martina has been used to travel with us to discover new ideas and new flavors, becoming passionate about the search for wines, with particular attention to local labels and natural wines. Our cellar is entrusted to her and, despite her young age, she has skills that hardly betray our trust. This is also thanks to the guidance of Pier Mattia Ravera, appreciated Sommelier consultant of various haute cuisine companies.

Elia completes the Ricchebuono family.
Although just twenty-two, Elia has already gained significant experience abroad working in three-star restaurants, with the desire to continue to grow and improve in order to contribute to the family project in an important and decisive way.

Giuse-e-Elia-ricchebuonoMartina Ricchebuono e Alessia Vezzolla

The consultancies of Chef Giuse Ricchebuono

Cuisine across borders

My consultancies, even abroad, allow me to introduce a tradition of Italian cuisine with a strong Mediterranean influence, revisited in a contemporary key, with a simple and light yet deep and persistent taste. Making each ingredient recognizable by those who taste it is a prerequisite of my cuisine, which I have transferred also across the border on several occasions and above all as a Brand Chef in St. Petersburg, at the "Il Palazzo" restaurant, or in Astana, in Kazakhstan, at the "Felice" restaurant, recognized by the public and critics as one of the best Italian restaurants in Central Asia.

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Ristorante Vescovado

Piazzale Rosselli, 13
Lungomare Marconi (lift)
17026 Noli (Sv) - Italy

+39 019 7499 059
Ristorante Bino 

Via Aonzo, 31R
(Museo della Ceramica)
17100 Savona - Italy

+39 019 5281 517
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La fornace di Barbablù Sas
di Vezzolla Alessia & C
Via Berlingeri, 5
17047 Vado Ligure (SV)

P. IVA: 01029270095
 Press Office

Laura Busti

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