In the summer we move out of the palace frescoed halls overlooking the bay of Noli and onto the magnificent building’s patios over the sea.

will be closed for holidays from Monday November 4 to Thursday Dicember 5 included.

For reservations please call 019 7499 059
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Lo Chef Giuseppe ricchebuono con il suo cane Pepita

A path in the wood sourrounded by flowers arbutus , lavender , thyme
broom tree and the blue of the sea at the horizon .
This is my homeland , this is what I feel .
It' s the meaning of my dishes, full of a simple but deep emotion.

Giuse Ricchebuono
and Pepita

The Autumn

 My freehand route inspired by the colors and scent of autumn.

Food games

Raw white fish
sea urchins and vervain

Clams, cauliflower and tamarind

Sea and hill…
violet prawns and mushrooms

Red mullet
tomatoes, ligurian black truffle and pecorino cheese cream

with dry tomatoes and hazelnuts

Anchovies and fresh goat cheese filled pasta bundles
almond and raw white prawns

Horse mackerel fish
smocked by us, fresh cow cheese, pumpkin and pepper

Focaccia, chocolate, oil and basil

Fennel , lemon and green apple 

130 Euros
with wine pairing 180 Euros

The menu is proposed for the entire menu 

“ The tradition “

A trip to discover the more ancient flavours and sensations
of our kitchen and our land

Food games

Bonito fish in a bread crust
botargo mayonnaise and sweet and sour vegetable

Octopus, vegetable demi-glass
zucchetta trombetta and candied lemon

Cattelfish–filled pasta bundles
and ligurian fish soup

Confit cod fish, hollandaise black sauce
basil and smocked carrots

Focaccia, chocolate, oil and basil

The Panera
chocolate, cream and coffee

90 Euros
whit wine pairing 125 Euros

The menu is proposed for the entire menu 

To start…

vegetable demi-glass, zucchetta trombetta and candied lemon
35 Euros

Bonito fish
in a bread crust, botargo mayonnaise and sweet and sour vegetables 30 Euros

Red Mullet
tomatoes, pecorino cheese and ligurian black truffle
35 Euros

“The Autumn“
season vegetables and ligurian fresh goat cheese
30 Euros

dry tomatoes and hazelnuts
35 Euros  

The pasta…

Benedetto Cavalieri spaghetti
botargo, lemon and spinach
30 Euros

Anchovies and fresh goat cheese–filled pasta parcels
with almond and raw white prawns
35 Euros

Squid–filled pasta bundles 
and ligurian fish sauce
30 Euros

“Acquerello” rice
black salsify, sea urchins, lemon and capers
35 Euros    

From the sea and the hill..

The “ Cappon Magro" 
tipical regional dish with fish, vegetables and crustaceans
60 Euros

Mixed fried fish
ligurian crustaceans, baby squid
55 Euros

Chef’s fish casserole
60 Euros

filled with ligurian herbs and plums
35 Euros

Cabannina cow steak 
and season vegetables
40 Euros

I Dessert

Fruits, milk, almonds, hazelnuts and spontaneous herbs
are some of the 
elements from which I take inspiration for my dessert.
A mixture of colours and flavours that change with the seasons.
This is my greeting.

Alessia Vezzolla
with Valeria Martinazzi
and their creations …

Vegetable garden and fruit
fennel, lemon and apple  
16 Euros

fig, porto wine and tipical ligurian fresh cow cheese
16 Euros

“The Hazelnuts“
the ligurian hazelnuts in all his variations
18 Euros

Crunchy and banana
peanut cream, crunchy sesame biscuits and banana ice cream
16 Euros

bavarese kiwi with his cream,
roasted almond with his crunchy and his ice-cream
16 Euros

The Red Fruits
blackberries crumble cake, raspberries, blueberries
and yogurt ice-cream
16 Euros


Michelin Star
Dining Gift Experience

Chef Giuseppe Ricchebuono is happy to offer you an experience full of scents and flavors in the elegant atmosphere of Ristorante Vescovado. We give you the opportunity to choose from our tasting menus to amaze your loved ones, your friends or your customers with a special gift and unforgettable evening.

My free hand pathClassics and tradition

In order to receive the gift voucher, you can send your request to the email address:
or call:
+39 019 7499059

Here history and nature come together in a timeless work of art

 Giuseppe Ricchebuono Chef

Vescovado Restaurant


Vescovado restaurant - Noli


My wife, my daughter and I and the Ravera family have operated Ristorante Vescovado in the fifteenth-century halls of the former Bishop’s Palace in Noli (Savona) since 2009.

In the summer we move out of the palace’s frescoed halls overlooking the bay of Noli and onto the magnificent building’s patios over the sea. 

ricchebuono location-01

The fragrance of herbs and the sweeping view up and down the coast make this a truly unique location which diners enjoy from the time they take the panoramic lift to the cable-car providing access to the restaurant directly from the street.

Alternatively, guests can walk a short path from the medieval hamlet of Noli to the palace door.

A place where history and nature come together in a timeless work of art.

Giuseppe Ricchebuono

chef ricchebuono-location2

Opening hours

Monday 12,30-2,00pm / 7,30pm-10,00pm
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed for lunch / 7,30pm-10,00pm
Thusday 12,30-2,00pm / 7,30pm-10,00pm
Friday 12,30-2,00pm / 7,30pm-10,00pm
Saturday 12,30-2,00pm / 7,30pm-10,00pm
Sunday 12,30-2,00pm / 7,30pm-10,00pm

Hotel Palazzo Vescovile

The Vescovado Restaurant is based in the historical building of the Hotel Palazzo Vescovile, in an environment of ancient charm, with high-level services and facilities.

Visit the Hotel Palazzo Vescovile →
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 Giuseppe Ricchebuono Chef

Vescovado restaurant


Giuseppe Ricchebuono Chef stellato del Ristorante Vescovado


Alessia del Ristorante Vescovado


Federica del Ristorante Vescovado


Martina del Ristorante Vescovado


Mirko del Ristorante Vescovado


Piermattia del Ristorante Vescovado


Valeria del Ristorante Vescovado


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