I’m lucky to have my wife Alessia and my daughter Martina in my team

Giuseppe Ricchebuono Chef

The Ricchebuono family

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Years of hard work and sacrifices have been amply repaid by the presence on my team of my wife Alessia and my daughter Martina.


In charge of reception and service, Alessia welcomes diners warmly and serves them attentively to make sure every single guest enjoys their meal.

Our servers share the same goal, with a smile and all the courtesy that is essential at even the most critical times.


Bright and sunny, used to travelling with us in discovery of new ideas and flavours ever since she was small, Martina is always on the lookout for new wines to serve, especially small local labels, in line with our policy of promoting local producers.

She is in charge of our wine cellar, and her nose and palate never fail to meet our expectations, despite her youth, partly thanks to the expert guidance she has had from Pier Mattia Ravera, a Sommelier of acknowledged talent who acts as consultant to a number of top restaurants.


The Ricchebuono family also includes Elia, the "little one”.

Currently busy with school and football and he’s better at it than I was he knows that he will have an opportunity to make a contribution of his own when he is older.

I believe in the authoritative, rather than in authority; in respect that is earned and maintained with a smile, rather than by imposition or shouting

An extended family


Alessia and Martina are the columns supporting my business, but I am also lucky to be able to count on a team of trustworthy people who get along well together, essential for the team’s success.


My sous-chef, like any good supporting actor, is crucial for the efficacy of the performance or, in our case, the dish.

Mirko’s multi-ethnic culinary background and painstaking precision help give our ideas concrete form.

Mirko Lacota - BIO

Mirko Lacota

Born in 1987 in Italy, Mirko grew up in Germany until the age of 14, when he returned to Liguria and attended Istituto Alberghiero, the hospitality school in Finale Ligure (SV), before earning an IFSE (Italian Food Style Education) diploma in Turin. Married with two children, Mirko Lacota has been sous-chef at Ristorante Vescovado in Noli since 2016.

Before this, he held the same position at Il Paradiso in Saint Moritz (Switzerland) and Ristorante Le Cirque in New York (USA)
. Mirko also loves pastry-making and has been Pastry Chef at a number of restaurants, including A Spurcacciuna at the Mare Hotel in Savona, and pastry-maker at Pasticceria Pasquale, a pastry shop owned by M. D'Onofrio in Savona.

He has attended a number of professional development programmes in award-winning restaurants in Italy and abroad. Mirko has loved sweets ever since he was a child, and describes himself as a positive, studious, very meticulous person. His greatest satisfaction lies in finding the best possible harmony between different ingredients and obtaining customers’ approval.

He considers himself lucky to enjoy every day he works, sharing his great passion with others. 

Federica e Florina

Courteous and kind, servers Federica and Florina keep the pace up and keep things flowing smoothly with their efficiency, presenting each dish with enthusiasm and cordiality.


Valeria is a talented young pastry chef with plenty of talent and refined taste.

Her desserts are pure emotion, marked by the rhythm of the seasons and the scents and colours of the land.

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