Striving to achieve quality and aesthetic harmony has always been the key to my work

Giuseppe Ricchebuono

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Giuseppe Ricchebuono

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Born in 1965 in Sant'Ermete - Vado Ligure (Savona) and attracted to cooking and goodfood (as well as football, another great passion) since childhood, Giuseppe Ricchebuono has been the award-winning chef of Ristorante Vescovado di Noli since 2009.

Ricchebuono made his debut in the restaurant business in the late ‘80s, working inprestigious kitchens in Italy and abroad before opening his own restaurant, La Fornace di Barbablù, in his home town in 1992. His cuisine reached a turning point here in 1999, when he revised a number of classic recipes and increasingly began to turn his attention to the quality of his ingredients and the aesthetic aspects of his dishes. His work in these areasearned him a prestigious Michelin Star in 2002, renewed every year since.

Ricchebuono has participated in numerous events and partnerships in Italy and all over theworld and acted as consultant for such well-known restaurants as "Il Palazzo" in Saint Petersburg and "Felice" in Astana, where he created the entire menu.

Giuseppe Ricchebuono’s dishes are a great tribute to his homeland and its sea.

His cooking is all about simple, genuine ingredients treated with painstaking attention andincredible creativity to transform them into true culinary masterpieces. His dishes combine ingredients from the land and the sea in surprising new ways.

Every single ingredientrepresents the excellence of his homeland, Liguria, and is the subject of ongoing study, aproduct of nature enhanced by skilled human hands.

The perfect mise en place and impeccable service, personally supervised by Giuseppe’s wife Alessia, and a selection of wines from the best winemakers in Liguria, chosen by Sommelier Pier Mattia Ravera and his young daughter Martina, welcome diners and accompany them in a truly immersive and gratifying sensorial experience.

Born in a small town in the hinterland of Savona, not far from the sea, I grew up in my parents’ grocery shop. My mother always said to use only a few ingredients, but make sure they were all top quality, while my father was a simple man with very good taste.

Striving to achieve quality and aesthetic harmony has always been the key to my work. Respect and discretion are two other important qualities that still characterise me and the family I have built with my wife, Alessia.

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I was a lively little boy and a restless teenager. I played football for many years, learning about team spirit, discipline, order, and what it feels like to want to win and to share the joy of victory with the team.

I started working in the restaurant business when I was just over twenty years old, and I realised right away that the kitchen was the place where I could best combine the discipline I had learned in sports with the pleasures of the imagination, creativity, research and experimentation.

I haven’t stopped since, and the important achievement of earning a Michelin star has confirmed for me that I am on the right path.

Imagination, creativity, research and experimentation are at the basis of each of my dishes

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