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December 3rd
“Pesce. La Piccola pesca e la sua cucina”

The author Angelo Surrusca and the photographer Davide Gallizio for Slow Food Editore, in collaboration with the  Presidio della Pesca Artigianale del Golfo di Noli, will be at the Nazionale Restaurant in Noli on Tuesday, December 3 , to present the book “Pesce. La Piccola pesca e la sua cucina"
For the occasion, the Nazionale Restaurant, that has been one of the logistics base of the troupe during the drafting of the text, proposes a tasting menu based on local fish from the Presidio de Golfo di Noli, at the presence of "Marcos", fisherman in Noli, dear friend and precious supplier.
Our menu:
Cappon Magro
Marinated anchovies, sheep ricotta and laurel sauce
Totanacci tortello with ciuppin
Cod and Conio beans
Selection of Western Ligurian wines from the Nazionale cellar.

 40 euros drinks included - 55 euro with the book ( the book alone 15 euros)

Info and reservations:
Ristorante Nazionale
Tel: +39 019 7488 87 –

La piccola-pesca-nazionale-3-dicembre-02

Michelin Star Giuse Ricchebuono teacher at the Iowa Culinary Institute

My intense week of lectures, meetings, show cooking and events at the Iowa Culinary Institute in Des Moines, could finish only with the best Italian culinary tradition.
Thanks to chef Diego Critelli for inviting me and for his precious collaboration, thanks to all the talented teachers of the school and to my dream team of students.
I hope I can soon return the warm welcome I found.


Nebbia e Libeccio
A “tasty" Evening With The best Flavors of Italy At The Nazionale Restaurant in Noli

On Tuesday 29 October,
the first of a series of events with some of Italy's excellences was successfully held.

Aperitif with Culatello and Strolghino from Salumificio Angelico and our finger food with the products of Mulino Martino Rossi, paired with Cesarini Sforza wines and the delicious Vermouth by The Spiritual Machine.

Table service with Pacchero and Tagliatella Pietro Massi, Strolghino burger, paired with wines from our Ligurian Ponente Enrico Dario and Bio Vio.  After dinner offered by The Spiritual Machine and conclusion of the evening in the name of good vibes and good food!

With some images that show the mood of the evening, the team of the Nazionale Restaurant thanks you, greets you and goes a few days on vacation, being back on November 30, to welcome you at best for your Christmas Holidays!


Golosaria Milano

At Golosaria with the Municipality of Diano Marina show cooking among the scents and colors of our land and our sea. Great success and great satisfaction. See you at Aromatica 2020 in Diano Marina from April 30 to May 3.


Tuesday 29 October 2019 - 8.00 pm
at the Nazionale Restaurant - Noli
Food Events presents:
A special evening dedicated to Italian food and wine excellence
curated by Chef Giuse Ricchebuono.

23 09-2019-milletartufi-nazionale-definitivo

Sabato 28
e domenica 29 Settembre 2019
al Ristorante Nazionale - Noli
Tributo al tartufo della Valbormida
In occasione della Festa Nazionale del Tartufo di Millesimo

23 09-2019-milletartufi-nazionale-definitivo

Mercoledì 31 Luglio 2019 dalle ore 20
al Ristorante Nazionale - Noli
Le sfumature del Moscato e la cucina di mare
con i vini e la presenza dei giovani produttori del gruppo
“Aroma di un Territorio"


Mercoledì 17 Luglio 2019 dalle ore 20
Una serata a tema con i piatti della tradizione

Aperitivo di benvenuto

Insalatina di mare con zucchette trombette

Baccalà mantecato con olive taggiasche e panissa

Gnocchetto di borragine e ragù di cozze

Triglie, piselli, toma di pecora brigasca e salsa al tartufo nero

Cioccolato Grand Cru e frutti di bosco

Monday, 1 July 2019
Seafood dinner and bubbles
Chef Giuseppe Ricchebuono of Ristorante Vescovado in Noli,
will match his dishes to the Champagnes of Balan Distribuzione

Aperitivo con finger food
Piccole sfiziosità iniziali
Champagne Brut Réserve Michel Arnould

1° Batteria con l’antipasto
Sgombro e piselli
Champagne Blanc de Blancs Pascal Doquet
Champagne Brut “Cuvée Léonie” - Canard Duchêne
Champagne Brut - Thiénot

2° Batteria con il primo
Il nostro riso ai frutti di mare
Champagne Brut Blanc de Blancs 1er Cru “Arpège” - Pascal Doquet Champagne Grand Cru “La Grande Cuvée” - Michel Arnould
Champagne Grande Cuvee Blanc de Noirs Canard-Duchene

3° Batteria con il secondo
Pescatrice, salsa al Rossese e gli ultimi asparagi d'Albenga
Millesimato 2010 Arnould
Millesimato 2007 Doquet
Millesimato 2008 Thienot

Brindisi finale
Champagne Brut Blanc de Blancs “Cuvèe Alain Thiénot” 2007 - Thiénot

Prezzo 160,00 € a persona

_cena 1-luglio

Palás Cerequio - Barolo Cru Resort - Borgata Cerequio - 12064
La Morra CN Italy
Phone: +39.0173.50657

Venerdì 31 maggio 2019  
A cena con l’asparago violetto di Albenga

News%2031 05-2019

Sgombro sott’olio con asparagi e pomodorini confit,
Brandita di baccalà su vellutata di asparagi viola e grissino al sesamo,
Tortelli farciti di asparagi viola con gamberi bianchi,
Filetto di pescato, asparagi viola e salsa bernese all’aglio selvatico,
Gelato di asparagi viola e nocciole misto Chiavari.

selezione ligure dalla cantina del Nazionale.
euro 40, bevande incluse
Info e prenotazioni: tel. 019 7488 8

Nuovo menù per il ristorante FELICE ad Astana


My friends!

This spring we want to get rid of all unnecessary things and meet the summer with one desire - to enjoy it’s simple gifts: the sun, the sea, fresh greens, fragrant fruit, light clothes, invigorating drinks, long time conversations and even longer evenings. Take a closer look: the sun is reflected in the bright rich colors of our menu. This colors energize everything around like sunshine! The sea which is our inspiration and our eternal source of freedom, is represented in our dishes with unconditional freshness of the fish and seafood, herbs, vegetables and fruits and also with a pinch of sea salt, which will stay as an aftertaste on your lips, same as after the entire day spent close to the ocean side.
Incredible lightness, impeccable digestibility, the essential juice of seasonal fruits, the shine of the natural olive oil drops sparkling in the sun rays - this is what we are proud of today! After all, we are adherents of honest gastronomy and philosophy of simplicity for the benefit of our guest. We like to repeat: “Going to Felice is like going for vacation to the sea. Every moment of your happy journey is important, after which you invariably will feel the light in your body, the incredible flow of new energy and inspiration! That's why we are here. ”

And this new spring-summer edition is the best proof of that!

Take care of yourself! Soak up the sun a little longer than you usually do, dive into the cool water of the nearest reservoir at the sunrise, drink a glass of Limoncello at the sunset, order another portion of fabulous Fagottini. Raise your eyes to the clouds and be grateful to your fate for the opportunity to stay close to your loved ones in peace and harmony. Enjoy yourself and your beautiful life! And look! Look with interest in the future because you never know what will happen tomorrow? What surprises the new horizons will bring? Love as much as you can. Live as richly as your lung volume and your range of feelings allow you. Do not give in to anything. And remember that the most important thing, the best thing is to live, not just to exist. To be happy and not to seem right ...

Giovedi 28 Marzo
Sconfinate memorie sulle onde del futuro al Nazionale di Noli


Giovedi 28 Marzo alle ore 20.15 circa, subito dopo l’assemblea annuale di Slow Food del savonese aperta a tutti, sempre presso il Ristorante Nazionale di Noli saremo protagonisti di un incontro conviviale fra amici grazie all’amico Chef Giuse Ricchebuono, già co-fondatore della Fornace di Barbablù di S. Ermete e co-fondatore di Condotta – primo cuoco alleato Slow Food del savonese, ora Stella Michelin al Ristorante Vescovado di Noli, dove Matteo Ravera – titolare dell’Hotel Palazzo Vescovile aveva promosso e fondato il “Presidio del ciciarello”, ora “Presidio della pesca artigianale del Golfo di Noli”.

Una serata per conoscere la giovane brigata a cui Chef Ricchebuono ha affidato la cucina del Nazionale, in seguito alla recente cessione da parte di Pierantonio Bozzo e Stefania Fontana, cogliendo l’occasione per un confronto con i portavoce del Presidio, del Comuni del Golfo, dell’Area Marina Protetta e un po’ di altro… aspettando Slow Fish 2019 a Genova.

Un punto di riferimento di eccellenze per consolidare e promuovere alleanze a favore di ciò che è buono, pulito e giusto.

Tuesday, March 26 2019
4 hands, 3 stars, 2 seas, 1 unique dinner
Chef Giuseppe Ricchebuono
 welcomes Chef Edwin Vinke

Kromme watergang----®-Pieter-D%27Hoop-11

Cos’hanno in comune un'ostrica del Mare del Nord e la palamita del Mediterraneo o una carota affumicata e un chinotto candito? La creatività di Edwin Vinke e di Giuseppe Ricchebuono, i due chef stellati che il 26 marzo si troveranno al Vescovado di Noli per unire la loro inventiva e darci un assaggio di gastronomia olandese e ligure, rigorosamente realizzata con materie prime di altissima qualità.
Una cena a quattro mani offrirà l’occasione per degustare prelibatezze che coniugano la tradizione del Mare del Nord interpretata dalle due stelle dello chef di fama internazionale Edwin Vinke con quella del Mar Ligure, nata dalle abili mani di Giuseppe Ricchebuono, il veterano della cucina locale, una stella sempre capace di reinventarsi e di stupire.
Ostriche piccanti, palamita marinata, verdure confit, pesce di scoglio in pasta, seppie con lenticchie: queste sono solo alcune delle prelibatezze che verranno servite per l’occasione, iI tutto accompagnato da una ricercata selezione di vini a cura dei sommelier di Chef Ricchebuono.
“Edwin Vinke é uno degli chef più creativi e interessanti nel panorama europeo della ristorazione. Avere l’opportunità di ospitarlo per la prima volta in Liguria é un privilegio per me e credo sarà un piacere per gli ospiti che vorranno intervenire alla serata” ha dichiarato Ricchebuono.
“Inoltre, credo che tutte queste occasioni di incontro e di collaborazione rappresentino un’ottima opportunità per fare conoscere la storia, la tradizione e le risorse del nostro territorio” ha voluto sottolineare lo chef vadese.
“Al Kromme Watergang cerchiamo sempre di allargare i nostri orizzonti. Giriamo per il mondo alla ricerca di nuovi prodotti e di nuove idee” ha dichiarato chef Vinke. “E’ sempre molto interessante fare esperienze con altri chef e trovare ispirazione reciproca” ha aggiunto. "L’Italia é una delle mie mete preferite. Non conosco la Liguria e sono curioso di scoprire almeno alcune delle sue bellezze e delle sue caratteristiche attraverso la guida e la cucina di Giuse Ricchebuono” ha concluso lo chef olandese.

Chef Ricchebuono doubles and takes over the historical Restaurant Nazionale in Noli, opening on February 7

chef giuseppe-ricchebuono-nazionale-1600

“Ristorante Nazionale in Noli dal 1916”, with its 100 years of history, traditions and skills, will stand as a meeting point between the past ad the future, with the quality and the style of a new family: the Ricchebuono family.

Born in 1916, in 1950 Restaurant Nazionale goes to the Fontana family and has stayed within that family since then. In 1966 the young daughter Stefania Fontana takes over with her husband Pierantonio Bozzo, strongly leading the restaurant until the recent decision of surrendering the management to chef Giuse Ricchebuono

“I still remember the flavours and the perfumes that my parents made me discover when I was a kid right here, in this restaurant”, Chef Ricchebuono declared “and thinking that now I will run this place together with my family makes me particularly happy” he added.

“We’ve known Giuse since he was a kid, when he used to come to our restaurant with his parents” said Stefania Fontana. “We saw him growing in his private and professional life. And because we know him well and we like him a lot, as a man and as a starred chef, we thought of him to give continuity to our activity.

“We leave him a very important piece of our work and of our lives, and we are sure that the tradition and the quality that in these many years have characterized our activity, with Giuseppe are in very safe hands" said Pierantonio Bozzo, cook and carysmatic leader of the kitchen of Ristorante Nazionale in these last 52 years.

“ I want to thank Pierantonio and his wife Stefania for trusting me, leaving to me their activity that for them represents not only so many years of work, but of their whole life. I made a commitment with them and I’ll do anything to keep faith to it and to satisfy even their most deserving and oldest clients”, Ricchebuono added.

Michelin starred chef at Ristorate Vescovado in Noli since 2009, Ricchebuono has already thought about a menu loyal to the history and to the tradition of Ristorante Nazionale, with a classic seafood kitchen, e little revised and renewed “Ricchebuono style”, with signature dishes served in an informal and cosy atmosphere, that “tastes of home”.

“A young and motivated team, with my supervision and my coordination, will welcome all the guests: families, couples, groups of friends but also professionals who will be able to organize here lunch meetings as well as eat quick dishes” concluded the Chef.

Two Chefs and an intruder at the Market from Noli to Alba


Two Chefs and an intruder at the Market from Noli to Alba

The star of Chef Giuse Ricchebuono meets the star of Chef Flavio Costa in a 4 hands dinner, or should we say 6 ...

The event that is taking place on January 31 at the starred restaurant 21.9 of Chef Flavio Costa at Tenuta Carretta, in Piobesi d’Alba, will be a reunion of two old friends from Liguria, as well as colleagues, for a 4 hands dinner.
The flavors of Liguria will been with the culinary tradition of Piedmont, the region that since 2016 has being giving voice to the fine and brilliant creativity of chef Costa.

For the occasion the two chefs will serve their most representative dishes: fish and rabbit for Ricchebuono, stuffed pasta and game for Flavio, but gastronomic contaminations and pleasant surprises are to be expected.
For the occasion the friend Giorgio Servetto from Ristorante Nove in Alassio will join the starred couple.

Star number 17
for Chef Giuseppe Ricchebuono

ricchebuonochef stella-destra-news

I’m very happy to announce that the Michelin Star has been confirmed also for year 2019!

The first one dates back to 2002, and we have kept it tight ever since!
Thank you so much to my wife Alessia, my daughter Martina, my sous chef Mirko Lacota, to the kitchen and serving staff, who have done a very good job! Thank you also to the Ravera family, with whom I have the pleasure to share the prestigious location of the “Palazzo Vescovile“ in Noli. And now let’s go on, towards new destinations and even more ambitious targets!

Giuseppe Ricchebuono

Ristorante Felice in Astana, Kazakhstan, successfully presented its new Fall/Winter 2018 menu by Chef Giuseppe Ricchebuono

Copertina menu-felice-chef-ricchebuono

Ristorante Felice in Astana, Kazakhstan, successfully presented its new Fall/Winter 2018 menu by Chef Giuseppe Ricchebuono

On December 2 the restaurant will celebrate its first birthday with a big party to be attended by the authorities and illustrious guests, including Chef Ricchebuono and his wife Alessia.
The best traditional Italian cooking, and particularly the flavours of Liguria, are featured at Ristorante Felice, where Chef Ricchebuono has some great surprises in store for Christmas and the New Year.
English menu (48mb)

At 11:00 Sunday 14 October 2018,
the artistic duo BIANCO-VALENTE returns to Ristorante VESCOVADO

ricchebuono news-bianco-valente-02

At 11:00 Sunday 14 October 2018, the artistic duo BIANCO-VALENTE returns to Ristorante VESCOVADO

At 11:00 Sunday 14 October 2018, the artistic duo Bianco-Valente will be back at Ristorante Vescovado to unveil the work of art they produced for the third Dialoghi d’Arte Contemporary Art Festival, where they worked on a project with Chef Giuseppe Ricchebuono reflecting on the relationship between art and food.
"The photographic work we created after our stay in Noli is entitled "La mia generazione", “My generation”. We imagined it when we thought about the deep link with the local land evident in the day-to-day work of all the people we met during our stay in Liguria.
Food and good wine become a pretext for representing how people express their love of the land they live in and emphasise the significance of the lives of those who lived in the same place before them.
This is the meaning of the root drawn on the palm of the hand, through which we relate to the world around us.”

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