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Marcello Campora's
"Supermarket" is on display at BINO's

On Friday, July 31, Marcello Campora's new photographic work "Supermarket" was unveiled at Ristorante BINO Museo della Ceramica di Savona until January 2021.

"This little photographic work" said the author "was born from some reflections on the world of information and its metamorphosis in these last few years, that creates in mesome kind of unease. I asked myself some questions, "continued the photographer," and in particular what’ s the value of a piece of news that responds mainly to some market needs and conseuqently what’s the value of the media that produce a virtual story of the contemporary, that, consequently, won’t have any content".

Marcello Campora, a well-known architect from Savona, has been the protagonist of several photographic exhibitions.

His work has always focused on social transformations, intended as the engine of cultural renewal. The changes are told through the stories of men and women who are unaware of it.

Supermarket di-Marcello-Campora_Ristorante_Bino_SavonaSupermarket di-Marcello-Campora_Ristorante_Bino_Savona
Supermarket di-Marcello-Campora_Ristorante_Bino_SavonaSupermarket di-Marcello-Campora_Ristorante_Bino_Savona

Ristorante Bino


At BINO's the gastronomic offer goes beyond the Ligurian and national territorial borders, with incursions into other cultures that can offer creative and innovative suggestions, full of contaminations that can make even the apparently simpler dish interesting or playful. The cellar, in continuous evolution as well as the kitchen, today offers natural and biodynamic wine labels, coming from a careful selection of Italian and foreign producers.
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We have thought for you a menu for a quick lunch, with light, tasty, simple, refined dishes, made with a selected number of high quality ingredients.

Two solutions with two different prices according to your appetite!

Welcome to BINO, also for lunch!
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_DSC3934Spaghetto grezzo, cacio e pepe ed acciuga del Mar Cantabrico_DSC4061_1_DSC4061_1


BINO welcomes you to an environment with a modern, lively, comfortable and stimulating design in the name of the best Italian style, but with a contemporary and international concept. Thanks to its privileged location inside the Museo della Ceramica, where the restored work of Agenore Fabbri “ La Nascita della Ceramica" has been placed in the entrance area of ​​the restaurant, the venue can host events, exhibitions, artistic and cultural activities, as well as events of interest and prestige in which the cuisine and the culture of food are the protagonists.

Lunch from 12.30 to 2 pm
Dinner starting from 7.30 pm

Closed on Monday all day and Sunday and Tuesday for lunch.

Via Aonzo, 31r
(Museo della Ceramica)
17100 Savona - Italy

+39 019 5281 517

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Ristorante Bino 

Via Aonzo, 31R
(Museo della Ceramica)
17100 Savona - Italy

+39 019 5281 517